Nursery Rules

Dressing etiquette for the children:

  1. Every child should wear an identity badge with his/her name, division, and telephone no. /mobile no and bus number. All the belongings of the child should be labeled.
  2. Girls with long hair must tie up their hair with red ribbons, red clips or red hair bands.
  3. Boys should come to the nursery with a decent haircut.
  4. No trolley bags will be permitted in the nursery.
  5. Children should not be sent to the nursery wearing any jewelry. The nursery will not be held responsible for the loss of jewelry.
  6. No other form of footwear other than the pattern presented under nursery uniform will be allowed.
  7. In case of any problems, parents are requested to contact the headmistress directly for clarification.
  8. Parents are requested to inform the office about any change in their address or telephone numbers.


  1. Children are expected to be on time to the nursery every day. Regular attendance and punctuality to nursery is emphasized on.
  2. If the child is using transport, parents are requested to call the nursery and inform about the child’s absence between 7:45 am to 8: 30 am.

Medical Details:

1.Parents are requested not to send any medicines through their child.

  1. When the child is sick, parents are requested to keep the child at home. A child who suffers from infectious disease should be kept away from the nursery till full contagious period is over. A Medical Certificate from a Medical practitioner along with a leave letter should be submitted to the class teacher before the child attends the nursery.
  2. Parents are requested to inform the headmistress, nurse and class teacher in writing of any kind of allergy the child has along with the doctor certificate.